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We hope these resources will enable you to continue helping your people reach their full potential!

January 2017

Welcome to National Mentoring Month! In January, we set time aside to celebrate the many benefits and lasting influence of mentoring. Everyone has something to give. Everyone has something to learn. Together, these attributes create the foundation for mentoring — learning through others to enable individuals to achieve their full potential.

How to Use the National Mentoring Month Toolkit

This toolkit is all about helping you to promote mentoring initiatives during National Mentoring Month. We invite you to utilize these materials to drum up excitement, enrollment and engagement for your current or up-and-coming mentoring program by showcasing the power of mentoring. Within this toolkit, you’ll find:

  • Social media bundle
  • Celebratory dates during January
  • Customizable promotional materials to engage new mentoring participants
  • Activities guide to help fuel enrollment and build mentorship networks
  • Resources to help start, improve, and measure a mentoring program

I myself am growing and building a deeper understanding of my own development. I especially like the aha moments we are both having from helping each other vet different approaches to solving problems. 

-Mentor, 2016